We put EVERYTHING into the image. Our goal is to give you a moment during your day where time stops and you will be able to connect with the image, the colors and the feeling of the image.

We use the best equipment, software and printing techniques to create art pieces that can last a lifetime.

c48-FieldWithHouse_s.jpgSurfer_s.jpgc24-EagleCatch_s.jpgc26-LaJolla_s.jpgc30-smathers_s.jpgc35-Waterfall_CA_s.jpgc2-Paddleboarders_s.jpgc45-Peacock_s.jpgc56-MirrorLake_s.jpgc64-ocean path_s.jpgc65-Wheatfield_s.jpgc81-EagleFlight_s.jpgc81-sunset windmill_s.jpgc82-HouseFinch_s.jpgc92-StreamBed_s.jpgHorseshoeBend_s.jpgmesa arch_s.jpgMOONRISE_s.jpgSandMountain_Pano_s.jpgSunrise.jpgTigerBnW.jpg
Our primary focus is image creation, but we also do art festivals and private engagements.  We are busy, but would love to create a custom piece of art for you.

My personal cell number is 641-895-5646, give me a call to set up a meeting over coffee or drinks. – John